The Origin Story

Ever since I was a curly haired kid reading The Big Book of Tell Me Why, I've been curious. Curious to know more about anything from 'why is the sky blue?' to 'how do you milk an almond?' to 'why are adults obsessed with unicorns lately?' and everything in between. I'm that person that stops to Google something mid-conversation (my search history is all over the place!). I want to know a little bit about a lot. 

My husband (lovingly) calls me Mrs. 20 Questions. I've already got five follow up questions ready for you before you're done answering my first question. At work they call it critical thinking. I call it curiousity.

So join me on an adventure through my brain - covering topics I'm curious about. From the little things to the big, I hope this blog inspires you to ask questions about the world around you. My posts intentionally have a lot of links so you too can find yourself going down a click hole to learn more.