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Curious About: Millennial Pink

Curious About: Millennial Pink

Did millennials create their own color? 

On Wednesdays we wear pink. Specifically, millennial pink. Or salmon. Or dusty rose. Or pale dogwood. Or rose gold. Or rose quartz. Or scandi(navian) pink. Or Tumblr pink. Or frose pink. Or nude pink. But not Barbie pink. That's too much. 

For everything millennials are perpetrated for killing, at least we can lay claim to the it color du jour dominating blogger-approved fashion, Instagram-worthy food & calming home decor.  

Let's take a look through our millennial pink colored glasses - WHEN did the 50 shades of 'millennial pink' begin to dominate our social feeds and WHY

  • A color with infinite origin stories. Arguments for when the rise of millennial pink began vary from the 2014 premiere of The Grand Budapest Hotel to the 2015 launch of the rose gold iPhone to the 2016 rose quartz Pantone color of the year to the 2017 Starbuck's pink drink menu. I've had a 'Pink Pins' Pinterest board since 2012. 
  • Gender neutral. Pink used to be the girly girl feminine color of choice, but in an era of gender equality and fluidity, some will say millennial pink is emerging as an androgynous symbol while others will say it's still the epitome of girl power. Zayn Malik dyes his hair pink and Drake wears pink sweaters, so you decide. 
  • Keep calm. In a stressful world, we've got to carry on. Colors have power to influencer our mood and even our appetites. Millennial pink is thought to help decrease stress and aggression. 
  • Get more likes. You can plan your next vacay around the top spots with pink sandy beaches to capture a picture perfect millennial pink Instagram post. Or you can simply buy candy, a jacket, a trashcan and a lounge chair in millennial pink. 

What's next? A Gen X green? A Gen Z yellow? 

What are you curious about? Leave a comment & let me know.

[Image Source: Surian Soosay]

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